St Laurence Cowley has two church wardens, a treasurer and a Parochial Church Council (PCC).

These volunteers (and others not mentioned here!) work together with the priest in practical ways to help the church to exist and function.

PCC members can be Christians at any stage in their faith journey. New believers are as welcome as those who have been going to church for many years. An appreciation for the Bible and Christian mission and outreach is a must.

As a PCC member you should be keen to roll your sleeves up and play a practical part in work behind the scenes.

You need to have a good understanding of the needs of community members who may be very different to you in age, background, lifestyle and character.

You will need to have team working skills and to be able to work with other PCC members who may be very different to you.

You can stand for election for any of these positions at the APCM meeting each Spring.

If you have missed the APCM but would like to offer your talents to the PCC please email the Church office on stlwardens@gmail.com. Arrangements can be made to co-opt you on board.

The PCC meets six times a year in the evenings.



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