Local facilities

Cowley is a green and leafy residential area that includes the beautiful Little Britain Lake and the lovely Cowley lock. There is a lot going on here. If you are new to the parish, check out our list of useful things to know and watch the videos. (This page is still being written)

imageMedical centres St Laurence’s church is two minutes from Church Road Surgery. Click here to visit their website. If you are a Brunel student living on campus, you will register with Brunel University Medical Centre. Click here for their website.

In Britain all residents register with a medical centre. It is the first place they go when they are ill. The doctor sends patients to the hospital if the illness requires specialist treatment. There is an Accident and Emergency department at Hillingdon Hospital if you require urgent treatment. Click here to visit their website.

Books, talks and lifelong learning  The nearest big public library to St Laurence’s church is Uxbridge Library. Click here for its website. On the top floor there is a study centre for local history. Click here to find out about the several other local libraries.


There are regular concerts, plays and public lectures at Brunel University. Bookmark the news page on their website to see what’s coming up. Notable speakers have included Mary Archer, Robert Winston and Will Self.

Leisure centre and gyms The closest gyms to St Laurence’s church are More Energy at Brunel University (click here) and Panthers in Cowley (click here). There is also a gym at the big leisure centre in Uxbridge. It has an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor Olympic size pool (click here).

For young children The church runs a Mums and Tots group in St Laurence’s church hall on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am. The hall is also home to the kiddiecare day nursery. Click here for details. There are two government run children’s centres near the church. One is based in Cowley (click here) and one is just beyond Brunel University (click here).

Police The Metropolitan Police are responsible for the Greater London area. They run a wonderful series of local community policing webpages so that everybody knows who their local officers are. Click here to read about policing in Cowley. The local police are very friendly.

Local politics Our member of parliament is the internationally famous Boris Johnson MP. He is also Mayor of London and quite a character. Click here to read about his work as MP.

Hillingdon Borough Council (local government) is based in the civic centre in Uxbridge. There are three local government councillors with responsibility for the Cowley area. They are Roy Chamdal (click here), Richard Mills (click here) and Brian Stead (click here). They are also very friendly.

For more information about our wonderful corner of Greater London, watch these videos.

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