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  • Church hall hire
  • School forms
  • Food collections
  • Phoning the church
  • Godparents
  • Refurbishing monuments
  • Booking baptisms for other people’s children
  • Roman Catholic priests
  • Parking and loos
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Can I hire St Laurence’s Church Hall for a children’s party or group?

The Church Hall is not available for hire. A nursery has full time lease of St Laurence’s Church Hall.

Will the Church Office sign my school forms?

The Church Office does not sign school forms. You need to see the minister in church on Sunday morning. The minister will need to be satisfied that you attend church regularly.

Do you take collections of food for those in need?

The Church collects food at certain times of year, such as Harvest Festival. There is a permanent foodbank collection point at St Margaret’s Church in Uxbridge town centre.

I telephoned the church office but nobody answered the phone. Why?

The Church Office is open twice a week. For most of the time the telephone is not staffed. It is better to email. The Church Office email address is administrationstl@protonmail.com

My child is being baptised. Is there a limit to how many godparents I pick?

You are welcome to pick as many godparents as you like.

Can I make changes to a loved one’s monument myself?

Changes to monuments need to be made by professional stone masons who are properly insured, with permission from the church and after appropriate fees have been paid to the church.

A limited range of grave monuments styles is permissible.

My grandchild lives in 100 miles away. I want to book a baptism for her in Cowley as a surprise. Can I do this?

No you can’t. The only people who can book a baptism for a child are the child’s parents or legal guardians. If your grandchild lives 100 miles away, Cowley is not her local parish. It would be better for her to be baptised in her local parish church.

My loved one is Roman Catholic but for family reasons they need to be commemorated at St Laurence’s Church. Can a Roman Catholic priest do a service at St Laurence’s Church?

Please contact the Church Office to discuss your case. It may be possible to welcome a Roman Catholic priest with an Anglican priest in attendance at the same time.

Does the church have a loo and where can I park?

The church does not have a toilet. Please check Google Maps for local eating and shopping establishments that have toilets.

On Sundays some parking restrictions are lifted on some local roads. Please go to Hillingdon Council for information if you are unsure about where to park.