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  • Who can contact the church about arrangements for a service?
  • Is everybody eligible for a service?
  • How to book a funeral
  • Who can book and how to book (weddings and baptisms)
  • Health issues and emergencies
  • International brides and grooms
  • Costs
  • Funerals and ashes services

Scroll down the page for more information or email the church office on

If there are any issues that might affect your booking (e.g. health problems, disability, international citizenship) please make these clear to the church office. The more information we have, the earlier we can help you.

Who can contact the church about arrangements for a service

Please note that the church can’t communicate with multiple family members about a single service. For example, in the case of a wedding the church will take instruction from the bride and groom only.

Is everybody eligible for a service?

If you do not live in the parish of Cowley, attend St Laurence’s Church or have a family connection with the parish of Cowley, you may be referred to your local parish church. Find out here whether you live in parish.

The church can not guarantee to have your preferred dates available. You may be refused a service for legal reasons. e.g. You do not have the right paperwork to marry in the U.K.

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How to book a funeral

If you wish to book a funeral please go directly to your undertaker. The undertaker will act as your agent and will get in touch with the church.

For other services please email

Who can book and how to book

Email the church office:

Weddings and baptisms cannot be booked over the telephone. Please make an appointment to come to the office. Baptisms and weddings are not booked if you do not come to the office to fill out and sign the form.

Both bride and groom must be present when booking a wedding.

When a child is to be baptised, the parents or legal guardians must make the booking.

Adults who wish to be baptised need to approach the church on their own behalf. Adults must make their own decision to be baptised.

If anyone needs extra preparation to familiarise themselves with what happens in church services please ask the church office to let the minister know.

Health issues and emergencies

You may wish to arrange a service in a hurry because of your poor health or the poor health of a loved one. Please email the church office to explain the situation.

Certain legalities must be performed before a wedding can take place. It may not be possible to meet your needs. Please contact the church as soon as you can, with full information so that the church can attempt to assist you.

International brides and grooms

If you are not a British citizen there may be extra paperwork before your wedding can take place. It is vital that you inform the church about your nationality before the booking meeting. Please allow time for any complications that may arise. The church cannot marry you if it is not legally possible to do so.


The church does not accept debit or credit cards. Cheques should be made payable to St Laurence Cowley PCC.

Weddings prices go up every year. There is a component that is set by the parish church and a component that is set by the Church of England. Both prices are likely to continue to increase in the future.

If you pay at the time of booking, you will be charged the price that is current at the time you are making the booking. If you pay later on, you will be charged the price that is current at the time of payment. Prices may go up several times between the day you book and the day you marry.

Wedding ceremony £441
Verger fee £125
Banns £29 + £14

Organist £180 (Optional)

If baptisms take place during the Sunday morning church service you will only need to pay for the certificates.

Baptism certificate £14          Godparent certificate £3

If baptisms take place after the Sunday morning church service you will also need to pay the £125 vergers fee.

Funerals and ashes services 

Funerals are booked through your undertaker. Your undertaker will act as your agent and will communicate with the church about your practical needs and requirements. Please make sure that your undertaker tells the church whether you require an organist or a CD operator.

To find out about ashes services, pricing and churchyard regulations concerning the limited range of permissible gravestones please contact the Church Office. Gravestones can not be placed in the churchyard without permission and the payment of fees.


Decisions about church services must be made on a case by case basis. The church cannot guarantee to have a suitable date available for you. The church may need to refer you to another parish church. The church is bound by legal considerations that may delay or prevent your service from taking place.