cross-jesus-wedding-crucifix.jpgWeddings and baptisms are available to Cowley parish residents.

Baptisms take place in Sunday morning church services. Baptism is a promise to God to commit your life to Christian service. This is why it’s important to make your promise surrounded by the church community.

How to book
Weddings and baptisms can not be booked over the telephone. Please make an appointment to come to the office. Baptisms and weddings are not booked if you do not come to the office to fill out and sign the form.

Both bride and groom must be present when booking a wedding. When a child is to be baptised, the parents or legal guardians must make the booking.

How much do baptisms cost in 2018?
There is a waiting list for baptisms. Parents and godparents will be required to attend a six week baptism preparation course at a fixed date yet to be confirmed.
Baptism certificate £14
Verger fee £60

How much do weddings cost in 2018?
You will be charged the prices for the year that you marry unless you pay at the time of booking. A £200 deposit is required for all bookings.

Verger fee £60
Use of CD player £40
Use of CD player and having the bell rung £50
Organist £180
Wedding ceremony £441
Banns £29 + £14

Funerals and ashes services 
Funerals are booked through your undertaker. Your undertaker will act as your agent and will communicate with the church about your practical needs and requirements. Please make sure that your undertaker tells the church whether you require an organist or a CD operator.

To find out about ashes services, pricing and churchyard regulations concerning the limited range of permissible gravestones please contact the Church Office. Gravestones can not be placed in the churchyard without permission and the payment of fees.