Please note that bookings will be not be taken over the telephone. Agreements about arrangements for services and other uses of the church will not be made over the telephone. Please email on

To book a christening at St Laurence’s your child needs to be a resident of the parish of Cowley.  At the moment there is a waiting list for christenings.

There is a six week course about christenings and the commitment to follow Jesus for all families. Godparents and children must attend.

If you live in a different parish please find out which parish you live in by visiting A Church Near You and typing in your postcode. The website will tell you where your local church is and how to contact it to talk about christening your child.

Baptism certificates are £13 each. Godparent certificates are £3 each. Personalised service booklets are £1.50. There is a verger’s fee of £50.

Godparents should be baptised Christians and should be able to show their certificates on request. When a child is baptised the godparents promise to support the child in his or her lifelong journey as a follower of Jesus.

To find out about baptism as an adult it’s a good idea to attend Sunday services regularly.