Daily Mail story on UK poverty

The Daily Mail reported on UK poverty this week. New research shows that 400,000 more pensioners and 300,000 more children are living in poverty compared to 2012-13.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that the number of UK children living in poverty will rise to 5.2 million over the next five years. The current figure is 4 million.

The Chief Executive of Child Poverty Action told the Daily Mail: “Families with children have had a decade of cuts to their incomes and the damage is showing. Unless there is action now to protect the living standards of low-income families, we will pile up problems for future generations and for the UK economy.”

The shadow work and pensions secretary told the Daily Mail:
“The last seven years of flat-lining wages and austerity cuts, now combined with sharply rising costs of household essentials is a truly terrifying prospect for millions trying to make ends meet.”

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