Reverse Advent Calendar

Have you heard of reverse Advent calendars? They’re an increasingly popular way to give to charity during Advent.

Traditional Advent calendars give gifts to the calendar owner. On the morning of each day of Advent we open a calendar door and receive a treat. There are even Advent calendars for dogs and cats.

Reverse Advent calendars are about giving treats and essentials to others.

It’s really easy to make a reverse Advent calendar. Find a box big enough to hold 24 objects. Decorate the box and put it in a prominent place so that you don’t forget it’s there. Then on each day of Advent put something in the box that will benefit others.

Here are some ideas for reverse Advent calendars.

  • Collect 24 long-life food and toiletry items for your local foodbank. Deliver them to the foodbank in January.
  • Ask a local shelter or refuge what supplies they need for the Winter. Collect 24 items and deliver them at a mutually agreed time.
  • Collect 24 good quality items that you no longer use and donate them to a local charity shop in the new year.
  • Build up a stock of wild bird feed to put outside at regular intervals in the cold Winter months. Remember that birds will become dependent on your food, so once you start giving you can’t stop.
  • Take a photograph of your life every day. On 24th December send the photos to a friend or relative who lives a long distance away from you.
  • Compose a prayer every day. In your prayers ask God to look after others.
  • Spend ten minutes every day creating something that you can give as a Christmas gift to someone you care about.