From 27th to 29th January everyone has the chance to contribute to a survey of British birds. The RSPB is asking everyone to spend one hour counting birds in a garden or green space. The RSPB will collect the results and analyse them. The Big Garden Birdwatch is very important. Getting an accurate idea about…

Prayer for today’s disciples

Following Jesus is a 7-day a week commitment. Church attendance on Sunday morning is just one part of Christian discipleship. For most of the week churchgoers are not in church. We have the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus wherever we may be. What does sharing the good news mean? It’s about much…

Raise £130 for St Laurence’s

If you’re buying home insurance do check out this offer from Ecclesiastical. The church insurance company are offering to donate £130 to the parish church of anyone who buys their home insurance. We shared news of the offer in this week’s church news letter (including typo!).  Email the church office if you’d like to go…

Christmas fairy lights

Today the Christmas tree went up in church. It took an hour to sort out the fairy lights. They looked very pretty spread around the church floor!  

Christmas News Letter

Here is the Christmas news letter for 2017. The church office is now closed for Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful new year. St Laurence Cowley Christmas News Letter 2017